Stocard picks Dejamobile to add payments to mobile loyalty app

Woman using Stocard Dejamobile mobile loyalty and payments app
READYTOTAP: Stocard loyalty app users in the UK can now use it to make in-store NFC payments

PARTNER NEWS: European mobile loyalty wallet leader Stocard has added support for NFC payments to its app as it looks to evolve its digital wallet into an all-in-one payments, banking and shopping service.

Stocard has 50 million users worldwide, mainly located in Germany, the UK, France, Italy, the Netherlands, Belgium, Austria, Switzerland, Australia and Canada.

Users “can add all their loyalty cards to the application (more than 500m plastic cards have been scanned), discover the bargains launched by their favourite brands, search and activate coupons, which are applied automatically at checkout with one click, and see their transactions and points balance in real time.”

The new mobile payments functionality uses Dejamobile’s ReadyToTap Payment technology to let users add their bank cards to their Stocard wallet, from within the app, so they can also use their wallet to make payments in stores.

The service is live in the UK today with a rollout to France “and at European level” planned by the end of the year.


The move is part of a strategic plan to evolve Stocard into an all-in-one payments, banking and shopping wallet that, in the future, will also include support for a range of financial products such as ‘buy now, pay later’ POS loans and savings products.

“Relying on the relationships forged with the largest brands in Europe, these services will be offered at much more advantageous conditions than those of traditional banks,” Stocard says.

“The future of retail and banking will look a lot more like what we already see in Asia with products like Alipay than what European banks are currently doing,” Stocard founder and CEO Björn Goss adds.

“This consolidation of purchasing, payments and financial services in the digital portfolio will also occur in Europe. We are working closely with our partner brands to shape this future.”

“Stocard uses the ReadyToTap Payment solution from Dejamobile, connected to the Mastercard MDES tokenization platform, in order to offer its users a simple and secure mobile payment service,” Houssem Assadi, president of Dejamobile explains.

“The Stocard Mastercard digital card is thus available for making payments directly from the Stocard Android application — thanks to the Dejamobile-certified HCE SDK — and from Apple Pay for iPhone users.”

“Our solution and the associated Tokenization Hub have been designed to allow rapid ramp-up, capable of supporting Stocard in its ambitious deployment plan for mobile payment.”