AE Solar combats solar panel counterfeiting with NFC

AE Solar NFC PV module for anti-counterfeiting
ANTI-COUNTERFEIT: AE Solar is adding NFC chips to its PV modules to guarantee their authenticity

Premium solar panel manufacturer AE Solar is incorporating NFC chips into all its PV modules to “ensure that each of its partners and customers will receive the original product quality, warranty and guarantee”.

“There are and have always been piracy problems in the solar industry,” the company explains.

“In most cases, the companies that are already known, well established and trusted in the market are affected by this problem.

“Dishonest entrepreneurs are alert towards these well-known companies and develop fake PV modules of low quality with a short lifetime and high degradation under trustworthy brand names. Unfortunately, the international market is full of such copycats.

“This challenge has prompted AE Solar to initiate and create a unique mobile application to combat piracy problems and guarantee the authenticity of the PV module by integrating NFC chips in all its panels.”

“Even though the chips will be integrated into every PV module manufactured by AE Solar, the price for customers will not be affected and remains the same for each of them,” the company adds.

As well as enabling buyers to check the authenticity of their product, “the end customer can interact with the AE Solar, share his own requests and get feedback from the professionals”.

“Soon, AE Solar will even integrate smarter tools into this app, such as a panel-based monitoring program that provides monitoring and problem solving for solar systems using AE Solar PV modules.”

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