MintID protects precious metals with NFC chips

MintID NFC chips for bullion security and authentication
GENUINE BULLION: MintID is using tamper-proof NFC security chips to assure investors they have the genuine article

MintID has introduced a series of gold and silver bars and coins that use tamper-proof NFC security chips to provide bullion investors with assurance that they are buying a genuine product.

“Physical precious metal investing has many advantages. Unfortunately, until now investors have been plagued with the uncertainty of whether or not the products they own are actually genuine,” MintID says.

Each of the company’s products includes a custom-designed NFC chip that has a unique encrypted and tamper-proof digital certificate.

“Using our mobile app each product can instantaneously be authenticated and guaranteed genuine by the ISO 9001 facility that minted it,” the company says.

“Unlike serial numbers, fluorescent inks or QR codes, MintID chips cannot be copied or cloned,” says Corey Maita, founder of MintID.

“Each chip is AES-128-bit encrypted, locked and digitally unique. In addition, our tamper-proof chip design when tampered [with] will either die or render a tampered result when scanned with our mobile app.”

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