Dejamobile launches white label solution for contactless payments acceptance on standard NFC devices

Dejamobile ReadyToTap Payment for Merchants slides
READY TO TAP: Merchants can accept EMV contactless payments on NFC phones and tablets

PARTNER NEWS: Dejamobile has launched a white label solution that enables merchants to be provided with the ability to accept EMV contactless and digital payments on standard NFC phones and tablets — with no additional hardware required.

ReadyToTap Payment for Merchants is a turnkey software-only solution with two components — a PCI DSS-certified payment management platform and a merchant app that comes branded with an acquirer’s own look and feel. Optional value-added services such as loyalty management and QR payments acceptance are also available.

The solution is available today, ready for full commercial deployments in the fourth quarter of 2020 or early 2021. It can also be used to perform pilots under the Visa and/or Mastercard umbrellas until January 2021, Dejamobile CEO Houssem Assadi and chief sales officer Eric Le Tréhour explain in a product presentation and interview with NFCW editor Sarah Clark.


Mass market adoption is expected to occur very quickly, Assadi explains, due to the cost-effectiveness of the solution, the rise in consumer adoption of contactless payments due to Covid-19 and the wide array of value-added use cases it will enable.

“There’s a huge potential here to extend contactless payments into a whole array of different environments”

While micro and small businesses generate 50% of the world’s GDP, the high cost of traditional payment terminals means that 130m of them do not currently accept electronic payments, Assadi says.

As well as enabling these merchants to accept contactless payments without needing to invest in dedicated hardware, Dejamobile’s solution also provides a cash register and product catalogue function, a sales and activity dashboard and a loyalty module that supports both coupons and rewards, Le Tréhour explains.

The technology has multiple advantages for larger merchants as well and “there’s a huge potential here to extend contactless payments into a whole array of different environments,” he adds. These include:

  • Improving the checkout experience in high-end retail, by providing sales representatives with a device they can use to share product information with the customer and then complete the sale.
  • Reducing checkout queues by equipping staff to provide additional in-aisle sales points during peak shopping periods.
  • Providing traders at conventions, festivals and other events with a low-cost way to accept payments.
  • Avoiding POS terminal downtime and reducing maintenance costs.

“We have been talking since the beginning of this year to partners and potential customers and, honestly speaking, we’ve never met such enthusiasm and positive opinions about the value proposition,” Assadi concludes.

“We are really expecting quick and massive rollout of this kind of technology and solution all over the world.”

The full presentation and interview is available to view, along with a downloadable slide deck, in the NFCW Knowledge Centre.