Metlink bans cash payments for transit tickets

Man using contactless card to board MetLink New Zealand bus
ONE STEP AHEAD: Metlink has gone cashless on all public transport to try to stop the spread of coronavirus

Metlink, the transportation agency for the Greater Wellington region of New Zealand, has ceased accepting cash payments on all buses, trains, ferries and stations “to stay one step ahead of Covid-19 and give our passengers and staff more peace of mind”.

The move forms part of a package of measures Metlink is introducing.

“To encourage train customers to make the leap to Eftpos, there will be a 50% discount on all monthly passes during April, May and June.

“These discounted monthly train passes will be available for purchase from 23 March 2020.

“10-trip and single tickets will also continue to be sold, but we will ask customers to cross off each trip themselves under an honesty policy.

“These tickets will be available from staffed stations and will also need to be purchased using Eftpos.

“Any customers buying a monthly pass for April will be able to start using it in March. Aside from occasional spot checks at railway stations, we will be trusting customers to have the right ticket to travel.”

“Similarly, for the health and safety of bus drivers and passengers throughout the region, cash payments will be removed from all Metlink buses and we are asking customers to use Snapper, Total Mobility, or SuperGold cards,” Metlink adds.

“We understand the move from cash to Snapper is new for a small number of customers and we will support them as best we can, so from 23-30 March any passenger boarding a bus without a Snapper card will be given a Snapper card preloaded with $5.”

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