Octopus lets iPhone users top up their cards via NFC

Oyster card with smartphone
NFC TOP-UP: Hong Kong travellers can now use iOS and Android devices to top up their Octopus card

Public transportation users in Hong Kong can now use the NFC functionality in their Android or iOS device to top up their Octopus transit card, view their transaction history, check their balance and collect fare subsidies.

The service was initially introduced for Android devices in January last year and has now been expanded to iPhones following a major upgrade to Apple’s Core NFC framework for iOS 13.

“iPhone is one of the most popular smartphones in Hong Kong,” says Sunny Cheung, Octopus’ CEO.

“With the recent opening up of NFC function, iPhone customers can now enjoy all services provided by the Octopus App.

“While there are many different channels for customers to top up their Octopus cards, instant topping up through the Octopus App remains the most popular feature.

“If these customers have linked their designated bank accounts with O! ePay account and Octopus cards, they can enjoy all-round, uninterrupted, fast, simple and seamless Octopus services, including online and offline payments, topping up Octopus cards, enquiry service and collecting public transport fare subsidies, making their everyday life easier.”

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