ExxonMobil to let drivers use Alexa to pay for fuel at gas stations across the US

Driver using Alexa to pay for fuel
FAST GAS: US drivers will be able to use Alexa and their Amazon Pay account to pay at ExxonMobil gas stations

Drivers pulling into any of more than 11,500 Exxon and Mobil gas stations across the US will be able to pay for their fuel from their vehicles from later this year, by simply saying “Alexa, pay for gas”.

Alexa will then ask the driver to confirm the station location and the pump number. The pump is then activated and payment is processed via Amazon Pay, using the driver’s Amazon account details and payment preferences.

A video shows how the service will work:

The service will be available to drivers of vehicles with built-in support for Alexa as well as those with any of a growing range of Alexa-enabled devices.

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