NXP combines NFC and UWB for mobile car keys

Graphic of woman with NXP IC equipped smart fob remotely accessing car
SMART ACCESS: NXP’s UWB ICs will enable hands-free access to vehicles via mobile keys

PARTNER NEWS: NXP has launched a new ultra-wideband chip designed to work together with Bluetooth, NFC and secure element technologies to enable “true secure hands-free smart access” to vehicles.

“The NXP NCJ29D5 is the first of a new generation of UWB ICs designed specifically for the demands of the global automotive industry,” the chip maker says.

“UWB provides precise, secure, real-time localisation capabilities unrivalled by other wireless technologies such as Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and GPS,” NXP explains.

“The technology is designed to give spatial awareness to UWB-equipped cars, mobiles and other smart devices to enable cars to know exactly where the users are.

“For the first time, smartphone-based car access offers the same level of convenience as state-of-the-art key fobs.

“Users can open and start cars while leaving their phones in their pockets or bags, and enjoy secure remote parking via smartphone.

“Furthermore, the new UWB IC brings maximum level of protection against car theft through relay attacks.”

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