CaixaBank uses NFC to let customers check in to flagship bank branch of the future

NFC smartphone being used at CaixaBank all in one terminal
SHOWCASE: CaixaBank’s ‘all in one’ bank branch includes NFC self check-ins

Spain’s CaixaBank has unveiled ‘all in one’, a 3,000sqm bank branch in Barcelona that showcases the latest financial technology experiences — including NFC check-ins and facial recognition ATMs.

“Anyone who comes to ‘all in one’ with an appointment won’t have to wait in the queue to see their advisor,” the bank says.

“Customers can use their mobile to notify [us] that they have arrived, and the person waiting for them will come out to meet them.

“CaixaBank has designed a self check-in system with NFC: customers need only touch their mobile phone to a device located at the entrance of ‘all in one’ so that the system can identify them. Then, the assigned adviser will receive them.”

As well as the NFC check-in terminals, the branch’s self-service area includes ATMs equipped with facial recognition technology designed by CaixaBank “to allow customers to withdraw cash using an image of their face, without having to enter their PIN”.

The branch serves a portfolio of 22,000 customers, has a team of 80 employees, and includes an auditorium, more than 30 offices for private meetings and a café run by Michelin-starred chefs the Torres brothers.

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