Bluey Merino to use NFC tags to guarantee the authenticity of its clothing

Smartphone being tapped on NFC tag on clothing
FULLY TRACEABLE: NFC labels on Bluey Merino clothing enable shoppers to verify its provenance with their smartphone

Bluey Merino, an Australian active and outdoor clothing brand that produces garments exclusively made from premium Merino wool, has developed NFC labels that customers can use to confirm the origin of the wool in their new product by simply scanning the label with their NFC mobile phone.

“Over 98% of our garments are developed with a single source provenance,” Bluey Merino says.

“We certify that it is derived from ethical production and sustainable farm practices; we seek confirmation of our processing partners’ environmental practices and ensure all labour standards are being adhered to.”

“The technology gives our customers assurance that their purchase is not only of the finest quality but has been produced according to the highest ethical standard,” says Andrew Ross, founder of Bluey Merino.

“It traces the history of the product right back to our farmers and allows it to be differentiated from the commodity wool fibre products on the market.”

The brand worked with researchers at the University of Wollongong (UOW) to develop the NFC labels.

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