US pharmacy deploys NFC shelf labels for greater product insight

Customers visiting US pharmacy and wellness center Chambers’ Apothecary in Chambersburg can now tap their NFC devices against NFC tags affixed to shelves throughout the store to interact with products and access a “wide variety of information” including user reviews, customer surveys and videos directly on their mobile phone.

Chambers' Apothecary“It is believed that this is the first time NFC technology has been deployed to this size in a retail location in the US,” technology provider Purple Deck says. “The NFC tags, which prominently feature Chambers’ Apothecary’s logo, are managed by an easy-to-use dashboard created by Purple Deck that allows managers to edit and adjust the functionality of the tags as needed in real time.”

“Managers can now identify which products are being tapped the most, and, at the same time, gain insight into which products are being tapped the least, which is a powerful metric,” says Purple Deck CEO James Sulfare. “This information lets them know which products are attracting the most attention and which products should be moved to a more visible shelf.”

The displays also feature QR codes for those without NFC compatible devices. Apple announced this week that it is to add NFC tag reading support to its iPhone 7 and 7 Plus devices through the iOS 11 upgrade.

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