Fashion brand adds NFC and blockchain for authentic personal clothing

Fashion brand Babyghost has partnered with Chinese blockchain-as-a-service company BitSE and its VeChain project to deliver a range of clothes incorporating NFC tags and verified using blockchain technology.

Babyghost Demonstrating the development of fashion technology, or FashTech, VeChain chips have been added to items making up Babyghost’s 2017 spring and summer collection, unveiled at the recent Shanghai Fashion Week.

A customer using an NFC-enabled device with the VeChain app installed can tap the chip and receive information about the item, as well as details of who modelled the item at its launch during fashion shows.

“VeChain can be programmed with photographs, videos, and even personalized information such as the date it was purchased and perhaps whom it was purchased for and why,” say Babyghost founders Qiao Ran Huang and Joshua Robert Hupper. “This could change gift giving between friends, family and lovers. It could mark special occasions and holidays.”

Track, trace, verify

Meanwhile, the blockchain technology — focussing on anti-counterfeiting, supply chain management, asset management and client experiences — allows anyone connected to the platform to track, trace and verify the product.

“Blockchain has become a disruptive technology, but it is really difficult for most people to understand. A lot of enterprises have been attracted to blockchain technology, and the real motivation for them is to develop the new products, features and services for their clients by embracing this technology,” says Sunny Lu, COO of BitSE.

‘Personalised connection’

“Our mission is to transform this sophisticated technology to a real-world commercial application and make it enjoyable for consumers. That is what VeChain has done with Babyghost – bringing digital experiences to their consumers and enable them to build up a personalized connection with the products they own.”

NFC is being used by a range of different industries to authenticate products along the supply chain.

In June, owners of handbags from Maria&Donato’s exclusive collection were able to authenticate their purchase as well as discover information about the brand and buy limited-edition handbags online with a tap of their NFC device.

The Geantet-Pansiot vineyard estate in Burgundy, France, meanwhile, began equipping all of its wine bottles with NFC tags to let customers authenticate the beverage and receive information about the wine directly on their smartphone.

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