UK Vodafone customers get NFC payments through PayPal

Vodafone Paypal
TICKET TO RIDE: PayPal can now be used at contactless travel terminals via Vodafone Wallet

Vodafone customers in the UK can now make NFC mobile payments through PayPal using Vodafone Wallet at any contactless terminal as well as across the Transport for London (TfL) network and on National Rail services in and around the capital using their Mastercard or Visa cards.

“Purchases of up to £30 (US$37.17) can be made at any contactless terminal and users wishing to spend more can do so using Vodafone Pay at participating retailers through the use of a PIN,” Vodafone says.

“Vodafone customers can now add their Visa and Mastercard credit and debit cards to Vodafone Pay so they don’t have to carry plastic cards. Vodafone Pay is simple to use, with customers needing only to download the Vodafone Wallet app and use a contactless SIM in their device.

“If they don’t have a contactless SIM, they can get one for free by ordering within the app, online or at any Vodafone UK store — the contactless service works with more than 100 Android mobile handsets in the UK.”

“Anyone who doesn’t have a PayPal account will be able to sign up for one directly from within Vodafone Pay,” the company adds.

“Vodafone Pay is part of the Vodafone Wallet app, where users can add and keep electronic copies of their store loyalty cards, coupons and vouchers, which can be redeemed at the point of sale.”

Increased choice

“Our customers told us that being able to use PayPal when making mobile payments was important to them so we’re delighted to now offer this on Vodafone Pay,” says Kate Wright, Vodafone UK’s head of consumer services and innovation. “The service also works with any Visa and Mastercard credit or debit card offering customers greater choice than any other mobile payment service.”

“Money is going digital and the smartphone is at the centre of this transformation,” adds Rob Harper, director of mobile commerce at PayPal UK. “As mobile technology continues to evolve, we will continue to look at new ways to make it easier and faster for our customers to pay.”

Vodafone announced that it was to roll out support for PayPal payments within Vodafone Wallet across Europe in February 2016. It introduced the service in Spain in April this year, followed by Italy in June.

Vodafone Wallet launched in November 2013 and is currently available in Germany, Spain, the UK, Italy and the Netherlands. It was announced in March 2015 that customers in those countries would be able to use their Visa cards to make NFC mobile payments with a SIM-based service. Support for MasterCard was added in November 2015.

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