Valencia commuters to test NFC wristbands for public transport

BAND AID: Valencia is set to trial NFC payment wristbands across its public transport system

Some 100 commuters across the Spanish city of Valencia are preparing to trial NFC wristbands for public transport payments across buses, the metro and parking stations for bicycle rental. It will be conducted by transport operators EMT Valencia, MetroValencia and Valenbisi in collaboration with EIGE, a low income housing program.

The mobile app that will enable the service has been developed by Spanish startup Pay[in] and the NFC technology for the wristbands is being supplied by NXP. Travelers will be able to buy or recharge tickets and access public transport with a contactless smartband.

“Using the application is very simple,” Pay[in] says. “Users have to enter the data of a credit card and they can buy tickets or recharge them immediately, from anywhere and at any time.

“The wristband will be the ticket. The travelers will only need to hold up their wrists to the fare card reader inside the buses and stations to pay for their journeys.”

“It is compatible with all types of smartphones and works with credit cards of any bank and any telephone company,” Pay[in] adds. “In addition to this, travelers also can see in the screen of their mobiles all information of their transport cards. The application will be tested in other Spanish cities in the following months.”

“Our goal is that everyone has the same opportunities to access public transport,” says Francisco Sanchis, CEO of Pay[in]. “We also provide value to users because, with our application, pay and access to public transport is faster, convenient and safe.”

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