Malibu equips 40,000 bottles with NFC tags for UK pilot

Malibu NFC
RUM MOVE: Malibu drinkers to access content by tapping their device against the label

Coconut rum maker Malibu has equipped 40,000 bottles with NFC tags. Drinkers will be able to tap their NFC device against a sunset image on the product packaging to access content and prize draws directly on their mobile phone.

The connected bottles are being rolled out next month as part of a pilot with UK supermarket giant Tesco, marking the “largest global deployment of NFC on a consumer product in alcohol” to date, Malibu says.

“Embracing the technology, Malibu will be turning each bottle into a direct, digital touchpoint for consumers,” the company says. “Tapping the iconic sunset logo on the Malibu bottle will open up a world of five amazing digital #Becausesummer experiences that consumers can access through their mobile browser.

“The connected bottles will be in-store from the beginning of September — all bottles will have an accompanying neck tag to provide the consumer with a clear explanation of the technology.”

“This is a huge step into an exciting future for the alcohol sector and part of our ongoing push for Malibu in the digital space,” says the manufacturer’s marketing manager, Jo Alexander. “As a first for Malibu, we know that this will be a huge hit with consumers and we can’t wait to see their reactions.”

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