Brazilian mobile bank launches with biometric authentication

Brazilian consumers can now sign up to mobile and online only bank Neon by taking a selfie with their mobile phone. “Instead of authenticating with a username and password, customers will take a selfie to use facial biometrics,” technology provider Daon says. “Customers will be issued two Visa branded debit cards. The physical card will be used for POS purchases at retail locations while the virtual card will be used for online purchases. Customers will use facial recognition to access their account and to perform additional transactions, such as transfers and payments.” The service makes use of Daon’s IdentityX platform.

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  1. Biometrics work well with mobiles, where they are resistant to replay attacks and the possession of the mobile is a form of evidence of identity. The biometric does not work without the mobile; the mobile does not work for anyone else. The whole system can be even stronger when one kind of evidence (e.g., PIN or fingerprint) is used for access to the mobile and a different one (e.g. Image or speech) for the app.

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