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Cardless Cash heads to 70,000 additional ATMs

US consumers will soon be able to withdraw cash from 70,000 ATMs belonging to Payment Alliance International (PAI) using their mobile phones through banking and payment technologies provider FIS’ Cardless Cash ATM functionality. “The partnership connects FIS Cardless Cash with PAI and brings mobile access to ATMs located at many of the nation’s largest retailers, gas stations, convenience stores and more,” FIS says. Cardless Cash was launched in January 2015 and had recorded hundreds of thousands of transactions by February 2016.

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  1. As the cost of skimmers and counterfeit cards continue to fall. the need for this technology increases. The failure of the brands and issuers to publish a plan for eliminating credit card numbers in the clear on magnetic stripes, makes it urgent. Consumers can protect themselves at the point of sale by avoiding the use of magnetic stripe and online by using proxies, that is by going “cardless,” but that does not protect merchants or ATM operators.

    Think cardless, contactless, and (credit card account) numberless.

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