Android Pay comes out on top in US survey

Walker Sands research
RETAIL FINDINGS: Walker Sands surveyed US consumers on their mobile payment use

Android Pay tops the list of the most popular mobile payment services used by US consumers with 19% saying they have made an in-store payment via the service, research from Walker Sands reveals. A retailer’s own mobile app comes in second place with 12%, followed by Apple Pay (11%) and Samsung Pay in fourth, having been used by only 3% of consumers in the US.

MasterPass has been used by 2% of the 1,433 respondents surveyed for the Future of Retail 2016 study, followed by CurrentC and Windows Phone Wallet with 1%. However, while the number of Android mobile payment users held steady from last year, the number of Apple Pay users almost tripled from 4%.

More than a third of those surveyed (36%) have used a mobile payment app to pay in-store in the past year and 33% have used a P2P mobile payment app. The majority of consumers cite security (61%) and privacy (58%) as the two primary factors that make them hesitant to use mobile payment services.

Some consumers blamed retailers for not being “prepared for the technology” or not accepting mobile payments in enough locations.


When asked about which forms of payment they find most secure, cash topped the list at almost half (46%), followed by credit cards (27%) and debit cards (22%). Mobile payments ranked last at 1%. Only 14% of the respondents said they have no hesitation to use mobile payment services.

Additionally, only 6% of consumers have used in-store beacons. Among shoppers who have never used the technology, 70% would be willing to opt-in to the service if retailers offered the right incentives.

“When asked about preferred payment methods for different kinds of purchases, mobile payments ranked low across the board,” the research firm says.

“But, there are a few categories that stand out where mobile payments are the favourite way to pay, namely household bills (6%), rent/mortgage (5%) and paying others for goods and services (3%). These findings suggest that P2P payment applications may be taking off faster than point-of-sale mobile transactions.”

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