ANZ launches HCE mobile payments in Australia

ANZ Mobile Pay
NEW SOLUTION: The HCE based ANZ Mobile Pay service has gone live in Australia

Customers of Australia’s ANZ bank can now make host card emulation (HCE) based mobile payments “with the broadest range of cards on offer” using a new ANZ Mobile Pay service.

“Once installed, customers just need to tap their card against the phone, then enter their date of birth and mobile number and finally choose their preferred payment option,” the bank says. “ANZ Mobile Pay allows customers to add a range of ANZ Visa and American Express credit cards as well as ANZ Visa Debit cards.”

Customers then have three payment options  — Wake to Pay, Launch to Pay and Passcode to Pay. “With Launch to Pay and Passcode to Pay, you will need to launch your ANZ Mobile Pay app first,” the bank explains. “Passcode to Pay also requires you to enter your passcode before you can pay. If you’re spending more than $100 in a single transaction, the payment terminal will automatically ask you to enter your PIN.”

“You can add multiple ANZ credit and debit cards to ANZ Mobile Pay,” the bank adds. “To change the active card, simply open the app and scroll through the carousel to select a card. For Wake to Pay, the last card used will remain the active card unless changed. For Launch to Pay and Passcode to Pay, the active card is indicated by a tick.

“ANZ Mobile Pay can also be used to withdraw money at any contactless enabled ANZ ATM. Depending on your chosen way of paying, you can just wake up your phone or open the ANZ Mobile Pay app, hold your phone up to the contactless symbol on the right of the PIN pad, then enter your card’s PIN and follow the on-screen prompts.”

A video gives an overview of how the service works:

“ANZ Mobile Pay delivers a payment solution for our customers to help them take full advantage of the rapidly changing digital environment we live in, including the ability to withdraw cash from contactless-enabled ANZ ATMs with a tap of their phone,” says Matt Boss, ANZ managing director of products and marketing.

“Customers using ANZ Mobile Pay will be able to add their existing credit or debit card and then simply tap their mobile phone for purchases at contactless retail locations anywhere in the world with the security we provide for all online and digital transactions.

“Given Australians are already the most prolific users of contactless payments in the world and the fact that Android is a major player in the local smartphone market, we believe ANZ Mobile Pay will be a popular addition for many of our customers.”

ANZ is also set to support Android Pay when the mobile payment service launches in the country in the first half of this year. National Australia Bank (NAB) launched an HCE payments service called NAB Pay in January 2016.

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  1. Interesting system. wonder if it will be adopted faster than Apple pay and other recent attempts.

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