Samsung unveils Smart Swing golf wear with NFC

Smart Swing
IN THE SWING: Golfers can get on-course information via Samsung’s new NFC golf wear

Samsung’s fashion division has developed a t-shirt designed for golfers that comes equipped with an NFC chip in its sleeve. When tapped with an NFC device, the chip launches a mobile app that provides the golfer with information about the course they’re playing on.

“The NFC tag is embedded in the sleeve of Smart Swing,” Samsung C&T Fashion Division told NFC World. “So, if you touch your smartphone with the NFC embedded sleeve, it automatically opens up accompanying mobile applications.

“The benefits of this feature are as below — if you set up for the GolfNavi mobile application, this app will tell you about the distance from your current location to the hole or other additional information about the golf club.

“For ‘etiquette mode’, your phone switches to sound off, do-not-disturb mode. For ‘weather mode’, the app will inform you about the weather and the UV index.”

The company showcased the Smart Swing at CES last week alongside the NFC Smart Suit that was unveiled at IFA 2015 in September last year.

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