Moo launches range of NFC business cards

Moo Business Cards+
CALLING CARD: Moo is using NFC technology in its range of updateable Business Cards+

UK-based printer Moo has launched a range of business cards that come equipped with NFC chips and an accompanying online platform, allowing the owner to upload the information of their choice and change or update it as and when they require.

Business Cards+ are so much more than just business cards,” the company says. “They are driven by URLs that you can change even after you’ve handed out your cards, so they’re as dynamic and alive as the web itself, while still being easy to use.

“This means that creatives have an always-updated portfolio of work in their customers’ hands, entrepreneurs can give direct access to download their startup’s app, networkers have the next generation referral card to maximize their influence, retailers can swiftly link to price lists and new stock, fashion designers can constantly update their latest collections, event planners can keep a track of attendees [and] musicians can share music playlists and exclusive invite-only tracks.”

Supporting platform

“All this is made possible with Paper+, the company’s supporting new online platform for defining, managing and reporting these actions,” the company adds. “Paper+ is the customer’s dashboard, where they can control what their cards link to before, or even after, they’ve handed them out. Simply tap to an NFC-enabled device and Business Cards+ come to life.”

“Business cards are the most successful networking technology of all time but they’ve been the same for centuries,” says Moo founder and CEO Richard Moross. “Of course we love print but, because we also love the web, we wanted to bring those two worlds together, making paper more useful than it’s ever been. As soon as we saw this technology, we knew we had to develop it.”

Business Cards+ cost £23.99 (US$36.39) for a pack of 20 with access to the Paper+ platform included in the price. Moo will also offer more NFC-enabled products in the future, the company says.

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