August smart lock update lets Apple Watch users unlock their front door

Smart lock maker August has updated its iOS app to allow people to unlock their front doors using an Apple Watch. The solution will also let users view a log of who has entered and exited their home, as well as receive real-time notifications on their device when the door is unlocked.

August Smart Lock
ENTRY: Apple Watch connected to an iPhone activates the August Smart Lock

The US$249.99 lock connects to a smartphone via Bluetooth, with an optional August Connect accessory available for WiFi connectivity. The Apple Watch needs to be connected to an iPhone device in order to unlock the August Smart Lock.

“To start controlling your August Smart Lock from your Apple Watch, download and install the most recent August app on your iPhone,” the company explains. “Open the Apple Watch app on your iPhone, select August and turn on Show App on Apple Watch and Glances.”

A video shows how the lock works with a smartphone:

“The August Smart Lock retrofits to your existing single-cylinder deadbolt, allowing you to send a virtual key to anyone you choose to have access to your home,” the company adds.

“Your guests then use their smartphone to gain access to your residence without the need to exchange physical keys. You can specify the duration that the August keys are active for before expiring or disabling them at any time.”

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