FlexStr8 brings NFC tracking to hazardous chemicals

FlexStr8 NFC chemical warning label
MULTILINGUAL: Information on chemicals is available along an international supply chain

Smart label systems provider FlexStr8 has unveiled an NFC solution for the Globally Harmonized System of Classification and Labelling of Chemicals (GHS) system that would allow users to print labels and give chemical handlers, emergency first responders and consumers access to important hazardous information by tapping their NFC devices against products.

The solution incorporates an Epson ColorWorks C3500 colour label printer, a FlexStr8 snap-on encoder and NFC label software. It it also fully compatible with Seagull Scientific’s label printing software BarTender.

The labels can also be encoded to include multiple languages, “bringing critical information to the fingertips of all members in an international supply chain by simply tapping their phone,” FlexStr8 says.

“Now you can print and encode smart labels on demand in three easy steps,” the company explains.

“Step one; snap on the encoder to the Epson printer and load the FlexStr8 smart labels. Step two; drop your artwork in the smart label software or import a label from BarTender software. Type the web address or app where you want your customers to go.

“Step three; select the quantity and print a one-off label or a large batch. The system automatically encodes and prints full-colour, fully compliant labels that are waterproof, smudge-proof and chemical resistant.

“Users can install applications and access product data updates, chemical safety information and hazardous response information from the cloud by tapping their NFC phones on the smart labels.”

A video shows a demonstration of the solution:

“Additional functionality can be added to the safety management of chemicals by incorporating FlexStr8 Android applications,” says John Chigwenembe, chief technology officer at FlexStr8.

“By simply tapping the smart labels with your phone, lot number, security verifications, time and location stamps can seamlessly update into your internal database, allowing worldwide management of your products.”

“The most important benefit of GHS is enhanced health and environmental protection through greater clarity and consistency in information provided to people who may be exposed to chemicals,” adds Ralph Roessler, president of FlexStr8.

“FlexStr8 smart labels provide vital information to ensure the safety of chemical handlers and users, emergency first responders and the public.”

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