Jobseekers offered head start on new vacancies with a tap of NFC phone

Workible and Tapit job recruitment app
JOB APP-LICATION: Users get details of new vacancies sent directly to their phone

Jobseekers in Australia, New Zealand, the US and UK could soon be able to get a head start on new vacancies by tapping their NFC phone against signs, posters and window stickers placed in shopping centres and business locations, thanks to a partnership between NFC and contactless platform provider Tapit and mobile and social recruitment app Workible.

By tapping their NFC phone against a participating company’s sign, or scanning a QR code, users can register their interest in the firm and get information about new vacancies sent directly to their phones.

The system is currently being rolled out in Newcastle, Australia, with brands introducing it in August 2015, and will then expand to New Zealand, the US and UK.

“When a user taps their phone on the touchpoint, if they are already registered on Workible and logged in, they will be instantly joined to that company’s Talent Community, which gives them a head start on all of that company’s jobs, plus the company can engage with them via video, updates, polls, events and special offers,” Jamie Conyngham, CEO of Tapit, explained to NFC World.

“If the user is not already registered with Workible, they’ll be navigated to the company’s Talent Community page where they can view all available jobs, company information and their updates.

“Then, if the user chooses to join, they’ll register and instantly become part of that company’s Talent Community. The experience is the same in all locations.”

“Tap and go is the next big thing,” adds Alli Baker, director and co-founder of Workible. “We’re using it to reinvent the traditional ‘We’re Hiring’ sign to make finding a job — and staff — easier.”

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