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Apple Watch owners to get beacon promos at Marsh Supermarkets

Apple Watch owners to get beacon promos at Marsh Supermarkets
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US grocery chain Marsh Supermarkets is to use Bluetooth beacons to deliver targeted information such as shopping lists and recipes directly to a shopper’s Apple Watch or smartphone, marking the “world’s first iBeacon-wearable integration at retail”.

Marsh is working with platform provider inMarket to “enable opted-in shoppers with the Marsh app, shopping apps on the inMarket Beacon Platform and now Apple Watch apps to experience the magic of contextual mobile experiences in the store,” the supplier says.

“iBeacons have created new ways to connect with mobile shoppers in the store and inMarket allows us to reach many of our shoppers through the apps they love and use every day,” says Amit Bhardwaj, senior director of customer loyalty at Marsh Supermarkets. “Now, with wearable integration, shoppers who use Apple Watch will enjoy the same digitally augmented, real-world shopping experience.”

“Mobile isn’t just the phone any more,” inMarket CEO Todd Dipaola adds. “Mobile includes any device that conforms to your life and helps you based on who, where and even when you are. It’s an amazing time for consumers and commerce as digital and physical experiences converge.”

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