Calorie counting app uses Bluetooth beacons in fridges to help users lose weight

Carrot Hunger app
HUNGER GAMES: Log your food intake on the app and be warned if you overeat

Carrot, a suite of mobile apps designed to push users into better behaviours, has added a calorie-counting app that works in conjunction with a Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) beacon placed inside a fridge to help users lose weight, by keeping track of their daily calorie intake and punishing them for overeating.

Carrot Hunger requires users to enter each food item they consume, either by scanning the barcode on its label or by searching the app’s database. By syncing the app with a beacon, it then reminds the user to log any food they take out of the fridge and sounds an alarm if they are nearing their calorie limit when in close proximity to the beacon.

It is the fourth Carrot app to be released, joining a to-do app, an alarm app and a fitness app that all feature Carrot, a “sadistic artificial intelligence construct”. The following video shows a demonstration of the Carrot Hunger app in action:

“Just be warned that iBeacon reminders are smart reminders; if you’re nearing your calorie goal, Carrot will sound a warning. And, if you’re already over your calorie goal, Carrot will blare out an alarm along with a nasty rebuke,” Carrot explains.

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