Brazilian online fashion retailer installs Bluetooth Fashion Spots

Dafiti, Latin America’s largest online fashion retailer, is to place Bluetooth beacons in restaurants, bars and newsstands in the Brazilian city of São Paulo to send out promotional messages to shoppers’ smartphones.


“Users can opt to receive offers and messages from Dafiti on their mobile devices through Passbook,” the retailer explained to NFC World+. “The application allows Dafiti’s clients to conveniently store discounts as passes on their mobile devices.

“Passes can be triggered by beacons, meaning that Dafiti users have access to discounts when they need them. If for example a user walks into a park in São Paulo, they could be sent an article highlighting the latest park outfits or lifestyle news.

“For the first phase of the project, there will be twenty Dafiti Fashion Spots in São Paulo. The beacons are physically placed inside restaurants, bars or newsstands. In the case of the park, they are placed in newsstands near the entrance of the park.”

“We want to increase the relevance of our mobile platforms for our customers and make using mobile devices an even more convenient shopping experience,” says Malte Huffmann, co-founder and managing director at Dafiti. “Dafiti stands for a modern and intelligent way of shopping, always aiming at surprising our customers.”

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