NFC World celebrates its sixth birthday

Happy sixth birthday NFC World!

NFC World is six years old today and we are celebrating with a top 50,000 website ranking on, 129,493 unique visitors in October and a new rate card designed to make advertising on NFC World the single most effective way for mobile commerce suppliers to reach new customers in the year ahead.

In the last six years we’ve published more that 4,000 news articles covering everything from the GSMA calling for mass market NFC handsets by mid-2009 to MCX’s unspoken plan to take a slice of the consumer credit pie.

Along the way, we’ve attracted a unique audience of business decision makers from across the payments, banking, retail, mobile and technology markets, all looking to uncover and understand the future of mobile commerce.

A quick look at readers of our weekly email newsletter shows that:

  • 69% are management level and above, 27% are in the C-suite.
  • 47% work for companies employing more than 100 people with 28% working for large corporations with over 1,000 staff.
  • 34% are buyers of technology products and services while a further 22% act as consultants and advisers.
  • Our audience is truly global with one third of readers in the Americas, one third in Europe, and one third in Asia Pacific and beyond.

We are starting year seven with a wider editorial focus, our highest readership figures ever and the successful launch of our new NFC World+ Knowledge Centre, which has seen almost 2,000 members join and download 4,000 information-packed reports, white papers and other documents in just its first two months.

Our new rate card takes everything we’ve learned over the last six years about what our readers are interested in and packages it in a range of easy-to-access advertising and marketing options that deliver outstanding results.

A limited number of 50,000 impression taster campaigns are now available starting from just $100, so if you’re looking to reach new customers in 2015 you should contact our sales director Laurence Zipson soon. He’ll be happy to talk you — and your marketing department — through your options and make sure you get an unrivalled return on your marketing spend.

As we look forward to our next six years and beyond, we’d like to say a huge thank you to our partners and our advertisers for supporting and enabling us in our mission to inform, educate and grow the industry; thank you too to the many excellent people who have worked with us down the years both as bylined writers and in behind-the-scenes roles and, most of all, thank YOU for choosing to be an NFC World+ reader.

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