NFC World+ breaks all records in September

NFC World+ Knowledge Centre
POPULAR: Members downloaded more than 2,500 reports and white papers last month

144,508 unique visitors read NFC World+ in September 2014, up 24% on a year ago, and we served 395,029 pages (up 22%) as business executives and technical experts flocked to the site to learn about Apple Pay, NFC and the future of mobile payments.

Visitor growth was helped by the launch of the NFC World+ Knowledge Centre, our new library of free, high-quality industry information, briefings and research. More than 2,500 reports and white papers were downloaded in just one month, with our most popular resource attracting more than 500 downloads.

Top news stories in September were:

  1. iPhone 6 teardown shows NFC chips from NXP — and AMS
  2. iPhone 6 to ship with NFC and support for Apple Pay mobile payments
  3. Apple NFC: No support for tags or pairing?
  4. No support for carriers’ NFC SIMs in Apple devices?
  5. Visa launches token service to support Apple Pay and more

And top downloads from the NFC World+ Knowledge Centre were:

  1. Apple Pay — What do we know?
  2. NFC for embedded applications: Your critical link for the Internet of Things
  3. NFC Technologies and Systems
  4. NFC Business Models
  5. Building a Foundation for Mobile Payment

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If you are a buyer, be sure to check out the wealth of free resources in our Knowledge Centre, all approved by the NFC World+ editorial team and designed to help you understand the latest technologies, business issues and market trends.

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