White paper explores the role of TSMs in cross-border NFC payments

TSM: Friend or Foe to the NFC Marketplace?

A 26-page white paper that explores the role of the trusted service manager (TSM) and whether they can help or hinder the globalisation of NFC services is now available for download in the NFC World+ Knowledge Centre.

‘TSM: Friend or Foe to the NFC Marketplace?’, published by consulting services provider Fime, outlines the market drivers for the expansion of NFC services across borders, the value and challenges in creating a standardised and globally interoperable framework for TSMs, and how such an environment could be tested and validated to ensure a return on investment.

“Cross-border NFC opportunities – also called NFC roaming – have to happen to enable this market to support the global citizen with transit, loyalty and mobile wallet services,” explains author Stephanie El Rhomri. “This is possible, but only if the TSMs create a network that supports global NFC service delivery.”

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