McDonald’s adopts Softcard

McDonald’s 14,000 restaurants and drive-thru locations across the US have begun accepting Android NFC mobile payments following a successful pilot program with carrier joint venture Softcard that began in 2013. The fast food chain is also accepting Apple Pay following the launch of the payment service last week.

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  1. What? Every McDonalds’ in the US has accepted ISIS/Softcard for nearly a year now. I’ve personally used it in at least 10 different States. They did just launch a drive-up window feature, that’s new, but, accepting NFC payments is a year old at McDonalds’ in general.

      1. The payments function is generic (Visa Paywave, Mastercard Paypass, American Express ExpressPay), so any phone enabled with one of those systems can work with the generic POS infrastructure at retailers such as McDonald’s. For payments, there is no explicit need to enable Google Wallet, Apple Pay, or Softcard. That said, to enable additional layers on top of the pure payment (loyalty, coupons, etc.), there might need to be additional work done by the retailer to build support.

    1. Actually since 2004. McDonalds was one of the first to accept NFC.

      Come on Rian Boden, do some research.

      1. Is that right?

        Oh no, no it isn’t. But don’t let your ignorance stop you righteously schooling people, will you?

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