Perkwave builds in Apple Pay for pay-at-the-table

Perkwave screenshots
PERKWAVE: Diners can pay at the table by scanning a QR code and using Apple Pay

Harbortouch, a US-based point-of-sale system and merchant services provider, has unveiled Perkwave, a mobile app that uses Apple Pay to let customers pay at the table in participating restaurants. The service also includes loyalty and rewards functionality to encourage customers to pay using their mobile device.

To pay customers simply open the app and scan a QR code that appears on their bill. They are then presented with an on-screen itemised bill and the opportunity to add a tip, and press a “pay with Apple Pay” button to conclude the transaction.

“We have over 15,000 restaurant locations currently enabled for Perkwave acceptance and expect to add another 15,000 this year,” says Harbortouch CEO Jared Isaacman. “We also have tens of thousands of additional retail merchants who are able to accept Apple Pay’s NFC payment functionality using an integrated NFC reader.

“With Apple’s proven track record of shaping trends on a global scale, Apple Pay is likely to be the first mobile payment solution to gain mainstream adoption.”

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  1. You stopped before explaining the full operation – can you please confirm how the actual payment process works after the consumer selects “Pay with Apple Pay”? Does the button launch Passbook? Does the waitstaff have to bring over an NFC terminal? Or is this an in-app experience?


    1. The payment process is completely in-app. All receipts at these locations will print with a QR code and 7-digit numerical code that customers can either scan or enter into the Perkwave app. The customer is able to finalize the entire payment process using Apple Pay, including adding a tip, all within the Perkwave app. The customer will then receive an electronic receipt in the app’s inbox. The payment will automatically sync to the Harbortouch POS system to alert the waitstaff that the bill has been paid.

      1. Interesting…so if this is in-app payments, is this using iTunes Connect through the StoreKit, or is this using PassKit? I am curious because I want to know whether an in-app payment is dipping into the SE for the token or simply reaching out to Apple to perform the transaction as if it were a digital goods purchase. The documentation on Apple’s site seems to point this way, but I have not found any verification.

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