Graceland uses Bluetooth beacons to guide Elvis fans

Elvis fans can see "room-specific content" as they tour the King's mansion with a borrowed iPad
GRACELAND: Elvis fans can see “room-specific content” as they tour the King’s mansion

Graceland, the former home of Elvis Presley and now a major tourist attraction, is offering every visitor the use of an iPad that works in conjunction with Bluetooth beacons placed around the Memphis mansion to help guests navigate the attraction and “trigger additional content including videos, trivia and more.”

“The iPads employ state-of-the-art iBeacon technology to trigger location based content enabling guests to dive deeper into the story of Elvis’ life through audio, video and photos from the Graceland Archives, much of which has rarely been seen,” Graceland says.

“The easy-to-use interface enables visitors to see each room at Graceland like never before. QTVR images offer panoramic views of each room. Visitors tap on designated icons on the screen to access unique, room-specific content throughout the tour. In key locations, archival photos and home movies taken from that exact spot in the home will be appear on the screen, providing visitors with an unprecedented, fully immersive tour experience.

“Visitors have the ability to like and save content, which can then be accessed and viewed again at the end of the tour. They also have the option to email a selection of their favorite images.”

“Elvis was well known for being not only an early adopter, but a first adopter, and loved bringing the newest technology to Graceland, from one the first home VCRs, big screen TVs and remote controls to an early portable ‘briefcase phone’ and the very first microwave oven sold in Memphis,” says Joel Weinshanker, managing partner of Graceland LLC.

“We are proud to continue this legacy by bringing cutting-edge iPad and iBeacon technology to music’s most iconic landmark, and offering our guests a richer, deeper and more comprehensive tour experience.”

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