Introducing the NFC World+ Knowledge Centre

NFC World+ now has a Knowledge Centre which provides readers with in-depth reports, technical guides and market briefings on the technologies shaping the future of mobile payments and commerce. Sign up to the NFC World+ Knowledge Centre today and you’ll get unlimited access to this unique resource — completely free of charge.

NFC World editor Sarah Clark
EDITOR SARAH CLARK: “The NFC World+ Knowledge Centre goes beyond the news to give readers in-depth insight and information.”

To get you started, our back catalogue of research reports, briefings, white papers and webinars is now available for you to download free of charge and includes all back issues of The Mobile Wallet Report, the full version of our landmark NFC Business Models research report, special reports on EMV tokens, PayPal’s first moves into in-store payments, Disney’s MyMagic+ and much more.

You can also explore our Knowledge Centre by topic, country or company name to uncover information on your country and your business sector as well as individual companies and technologies of interest.

You can find out more about our Knowledge Centre here, contribute your own expertise here and sign up as a member here — it’s free and only takes a few moments.

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