Westpac NZ unveils augmented reality banking app

INNOVATION: Westpac News Zealand augmented reality and 3D imaging app means balances, transaction history, spend locations and other information is presented in 3D
INNOVATION: Balances, transaction history and other information is presented in 3D

Westpac New Zealand is to release a mobile banking app that uses augmented reality and 3D imaging to let customers with an iOS device check their credit and debit card balances, make payments and find their closest bank branch.

“Once the app is downloaded, the relevant cards are registered and the account is set up, customers merely have to slide their credit or debit card under their phone which activates the camera,” the bank explains. “Balances, transaction history, spend locations and other information is then presented in 3D.”

The following video shows the app in action as well as a demonstration of how to make a payment using it:

“We see a number of possibilities for it in the future,” says Westpac New Zealand’s Simon Pomeroy. “We are focused on delivering the best digital banking experience in New Zealand, and innovations like our new augmented reality app and online banking platform are significant steps toward that goal.”

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  1. AR will never be mainstream until the form factor to access the experience is more convenient (such as eyeware – e.g. Glass) – at this point it’s only slightly better than QR code scanning. AR also still has a long way to go to deliver a truly immersive experience that suspends disbelief and doesn’t feel gimmicky to the user. Having to hold a phone up to something is psychologically a huge barrier to experience. If none of this is the case then AR would today be prolific considering AR has been around for 10+ years and so many have tried – in Australia think Urbanspoon. Today’s AR experience such as Westpac’s above is really only an ego boost for Westpac and the user base is most likely a fraction of a percentage of their client base, suspecting it’s male geeks predominantly.

  2. Augmented Reality allows personalization of content which allows to focus on the targeted customers/users. It is the most immersive advertising medium today hence has the potential for maximum ROI.

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