Paramount promotes Noah with NFC

Noah movie promoted with NFC

Paramount Pictures has used out-of-home advertising agency Kinetic and MEC to run an NFC-enabled poster campaign in Ireland for Noah, the latest Russell Crowe blockbuster.

Consumers can tap their NFC phone to download the film’s trailer at fifty Clear Channel Adshel bus shelters in Dublin, Cork, Galway, Limerick and Waterford. QR codes are also included for those without NFC phones.

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  1. At last, albeit basic, an Excellent campaign Kinetic and MEC, now all we need is more Posters and Adshels to be enabled, not only round the country they could be global and managed via the same CMP.

  2. It is so good to see the opportunity being taken to use the method of engagement but equally depressing to see the lack of thought that has allowed the creative to be so remote from the tags. This is not the first OOH campaign to miss this trick and it feels like the technology is often bolted on as an afterthought rather than as a designed element of the creative. This may achieve some column space in the community press but on the evidence of user stats in similar ads it has not encouraged significant use from real people.

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