Zuzance seeks funding for NFC clothing range

Zuzance's NFC hoodie
HOODIE: NFC tags are sewn into in the front pocket and the cuffs

A startup that aims to create “an ever-expanding line of wearable tech that goes beyond simple NFC” is seeking crowdfunding to produce an NFC-enabled clothing range.

Zuzance’s first products are a US$50 hoodie that contains four Broadcom Topaz NFC tags and a US$15 armband containing a single NFC tag.

Each of the waterproof tags can be programmed to trigger different actions in NFC devices, from turning off the WiFi on an NFC phone to programming the satnav in a car. The combination of actions can be changed depending on each individual’s needs, Zuzance says.

The startup is looking for US$5,000 to start production. “If we reach our goal, our immediate plan is purchase higher end equipment so we can drastically reduce the cost of production,” Zuzance says. “Although right now we are able to sell hoodies for US$50, we would eventually love to sell clothing in all price ranges so that anyone could afford one.”

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