Garanti to issue Gemalto NFC microSDs

Turkey’s Garanti bank is to begin issuing NFC microSDs to its customers during the second half of 2014, using hardware and back office technology provided by Gemalto and a microSD payment infrastructure supplied by MasterCard.


“Garanti is proud to achieve the first commercial roll-out of a microSD solution which requires no external booster device connected to the handset, with provisioning of applications performed over-the-air,” says Onur Genç, CEO of Garanti Payment Systems.

“Our customers can immediately enjoy secure and convenient mobile contactless. We also give them the freedom to go shopping with nothing more than their mobile phone in their pocket, and carry their microSD with them when they change handsets.”

“Garanti’s customers simply need to insert the Optelio Contactless MicroSD into their existing handsets to enjoy NFC interactivity,” Gemalto’s Philippe Cambriel explains. “Over time, they will be offered range of novel mobile contactless services such as couponing and loyalty programs, from a wide variety of retailers, enterprises and public bodies.”

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