DeviceFidelity updates iPhone NFC case to work with SIM-based SEs


DeviceFidelity will unveil an NFC case for the iPhone 5s and 5 that supports the use of a SIM card as the secure element at this week’s Cartes 2013 show in Paris. Previous versions of the product have used microSD-based secure elements.

The company will also showcase an NFC mobile POS solution for the iPad mini and iPad Air that combines NFC acceptance, secure encrypted magstripe acceptance and a secure element.

Show visitors will be able to see the solution in action by using their own NFC phones to see an iPad Air process a test mobile POS transaction.

Also on show will be DeviceFidelity’s iCaisse4L and iCaisse4X iPhone cases, Incipio’s CashWrap4 and CashWrap5 cases in multiple colors and Otterbox’s ruggedized iPhone NFC accessory.

The company will also show off how its existing CredenSE NFC microSD solution can be used in wearable devices such as smart watches, keychains, glasses and MP3 players.

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