Isis to give away a million smoothies

Isis Mobile Wallet

US NFC joint venture Isis has teamed up with Jamba Juice to offer up to one million free smoothies to consumers who tap and pay using their Isis Mobile Wallet.

Starting later this year shoppers will be able to redeem an NFC coupon for a smoothie or a juice drink by tapping their Isis-compatible phone at any participating Jamba Juice location.

“The Million Free Smoothie Giveaway provides a powerful incentive for consumers to experience the simplicity and convenience of mobile commerce,” says Michael Abbott, CEO of Isis. “From pilot to national availability, our successful partnership with Jamba Juice showcases the business value and marketing capabilities of mobile commerce.”

“Jamba Juice is committed to supporting new and existing customers in an ultra-mobile retail world,” adds Jamba Juice CEO James White. “To that end, we’re rolling out NFC terminals with Isis’ proprietary SmartTap technology at Jamba Juice locations nationwide, allowing customers to redeem and pay for products with one tap.”

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