Display Points bring NFC ads to restaurant tables

IDA's Display Points
IDA: Customers can pick up NFC offers and more from Display Point table top screens

NFC is to be included in a new range of touchscreen tabletop displays designed for the restaurant trade. Display Points will enable advertisers to target restaurant-goers with interactive advertising and loyalty offers, all uploaded to the screens wirelessly, says developer International Display Advertising (IDA).

“These new features greatly increase visibility range and enhance the viewer experience while sitting at the table,” says Dave Hazzard, IDA’s president.

The 7-inch and 10-inch Display Points have an 85 degree viewing angle, a 600 by 1280 touchscreen and are cordless and rechargeable with a 15 hour battery life. NFC programs and reporting are provided by NFC marketing specialist Thinaire.

The NFC-enabled Display Points will roll-out later this year in selected US markets and in South Africa, via distributor Bamboo Beat Media.

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  1. Why not just have nfc tags at the table and let people see this info on their phone? 93.37% of people who eat at restaurants at least once a month have smart phones. Is it worth purchasing displays for the other ~7 percent?

  2. Robert, because the customer needs to know what the tag they’re reading contains. These display units offer an insight into the information and content a user can gain from interacting with the NFC element.

  3. ohh okay so is this a more in depth way of saying “tap this tag to read the current NBA scores”? So instead of just reading this and looking at a picture, the advertisement can be stronger with video, article, more pictures, etc.

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