Isis releases pilot test results

Analysis by carrier-owned NFC mobile payments venture Isis of its pilot tests in the cities of Salt Lake City, Utah and Austin, Texas has found that more than 80% of transactions take place at everyday spend locations such as quick-service restaurants, coffee shops, gas stations, convenience stores and grocery shops.

Isis Mobile Wallet
ISIS: Two thirds opted in to receive offers and messages from brands

Two-thirds of active users opted in to receive offers and messages from their favourite brands and the average user is following seven brands, Isis found.

Active Isis Mobile Wallet users tap more than 10 times per month and “wallet users engaged in loyalty and offers tap up to two times more frequently than users who only make payments.”

Contactless acceptance nearly quadrupled to more than 4,000 locations in Austin and Salt Lake City during the pilot, Isis adds.

Overall, 25 of the top 100 national US retailers have deployed or are deploying contactless terminals, Isis says, while Aite Group projects that 1.3m locations in the US will have contactless-ready payment terminals by the end of 2013, “making it the most broadly deployed mobile payments technology at the point of sale.”

Isis will now make its NFC mobile wallet available across the US “later this year”. In February, Isis chief sales officer Jim Stapleton revealed that active users in Salt Lake City were paying with Isis five or more times a week.

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