Taiwan, Japan and Hong Kong carriers sign NFC collaboration deal

Chunghwa Telecom

Taiwan’s largest mobile network operator, Chunghwa Telecom, has signed a memorandum of understanding with Japan’s KDDI and Hong Kong-based PCCW with the aim of providing international NFC roaming services to the three networks’ customers.

The collaboration means that Chunghwa subscribers will be able to access NFC-based mobile payments and services while travelling in Japan and Hong Kong, and vice versa.

Lin Kuo-feng, president of Chunghwa’s mobile business group, said his company will continue to invest in the development of NFC and QR code applications in light of the increased popularity of mobile payments.

“We believe that NFC will revolutionize conventional marketing, and we look forward to the day when both the technology and the applications mature and the day when both the consumers and businesses can benefit from commercialized NFC services,” he explained.

Chunghwa launched a commercial NFC service for customers in Taiwan in May 2013 and has also developed a QR code-based payments platform. KDDI has offered a commercial NFC service in Japan since January 2012 while PCCW is working with Hang Seng Bank on the launch of NFC mobile payments in Hong Kong.

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