NFC devices now account for 13.32% of mobile web traffic

Mobile web specialist and device detection provider has released stats that reveal NFC enabled mobile device web traffic has reached 13.32% worldwide.

NFC-enabled mobile device web traffic
GOING UP: 51Degrees tracked web traffic from NFC-enabled mobile devices. Click to enlarge.

According to the results, detailed in a blog post, the percentage has grown from 3.49% in January 2012 to 12.17% in January this year. But adoption rates have since slowed, only increasing by 1.15 percentage points to 13.32% today.

“We see over 1.3 billion unique device visits over 720,000 websites across the web every month,” 51Degrees’ Joe Davine told NFC World. “This gives us a unique vision into how the mobile web is being used. So we take that information and collate it to see what mobile devices are accessing websites.

“We have a data team. So whenever a new phone is released, we look at the specifications of that phone and add it to what we call a profile. When a user browses a website using device detection, we are able to match the request with one of our profiles to understand exactly what device is being used.

“And that’s how our device detection works and it’s around 99.9% accurate so we do have a very good understanding of what devices are being used on the web.”

Other results revealed to NFC World show that web traffic by NFC capability in the United States has risen from around 3% to more than 10% between January last year and May 2013.

The most popular NFC device being used to access the web in the UK is currently the Samsung Galaxy S III.

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