MoSoCo picks Sequent for NFC payments, marketing and loyalty platform

Mobile solutions specialist MoSoCo has chosen Sequent as its trusted service management (TSM) provider for the introduction of a cloud-based mobile loyalty, marketing and prepaid card processing service for Polish retailers.


“Sequent’s secure technology will allow customers to use their loyalty and prepaid accounts on their current mobile phones using an RFID sticker,” says the US-based NFC specialist. “In the near future, customers will be able to use their accounts on NFC-enabled mobile phones.”

The new MoSivo service enables a single MoSoCo account to be used as a loyalty card for multiple retailers, eliminating the need for consumers to carry multiple retail loyalty cards or stamped paper points. Instead, consumers can simply tap their phones against the MoSoCo contactless reader at participating retailers to earn loyalty points or redeem coupons. The service is to be available in both Poland and neighbouring countries.

“MoSoCo has chosen Sequent because of their experience in NFC, mobile and loyalty technologies,” says MoSoCo chairman Tomasz Zieliński. “Our goal is to provide exciting new services through real-time and location-based loyalty and marketing programs using NFC technology.”

“With the ability to support multiple retailer programs in one customer account on an NFC phone, we expect great adoption for our program.”

“Targeted mobile marketing and loyalty programs using NFC phones can be powerful revenue growth tools for retailers, producing a much higher usage and redemption rate than paper-based coupons,” adds Robb Duffield, CEO of Sequent. “Equally important, these programs bring increased value to consumers on a wide range of goods and services.”

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