GSMA requests feedback on mobile wallet technical proposal

The mobile network operators’ trade association has published a technical document that sets out how carriers around the world could implement core NFC mobile wallet functions in a standard manner — and is asking potential service providers, suppliers and other interested parties to provide feedback on the plans.

GSMA: Seeking industry feedback on technical document by 23 November

The GSMA has published “NFC Core Wallet Requirements and Core Package File Technical Proposal,” a document that sets out a proposed specification for internationally interoperable mobile wallets. A white paper based on the technical document has also been released.

“The documents highlight the need for an aligned approach to a mobile wallet in order to ensure a simple and consistent integration approach for all types of NFC service providers,” says the GSMA. “The proposal for a technical specification covers only the common features of operator wallets. This allows for diversity and differentiation in the marketplace, whilst ensuring the critical components needed for interoperability are well defined.

The GSMA’s NFC team is now seeking feedback on the technical proposal from all players in the NFC ecosystem, including potential NFC service providers, hardware or software vendors, and others.

Both the white paper and the full technical proposal are available to download from the GSMA’s website and the deadline for providing feedback on the proposals is 23 November. The GSMA will then review responses “with a view to refining and publishing an implementable specification at the beginning of 2013”.

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