JCM demos NFC mobile wallet for gaming industry

Transaction automation specialist JCM Global has demonstrated an NFC-based mobile wallet designed to be used in casinos.

JCM Global

The new Mobile Wager Wallet has been jointly developed by JCM and mobile contactless technology specialist Techfirm and is integrated with NRT Technology‘s QuickJack ATM kiosks, allowing casino patrons to withdraw virtual funds from ATMs onto their phone for use at electronic gaming machines.

Players can also transfer virtual funds from the wallet back into their account on the NRT ATM, says JCM, and could also be used “at retail, food and entertainment venues within a casino property”.

“JCM has long been the leader in automated transactions in the gaming industry, and has a long history of bringing stakeholders together to advance technology,” says Brian Montano, the company’s director of new product development. “We are thrilled to bring the major players of Techfirm, NRT and JCM together for a project of this magnitude that will be a game-changer for the industry.”

“The last year has been one of extensive development,” adds Techfirm founder and CMO Yuichiro Tsutsui. “We have been working closely with the JCM team to understand the wants and needs of operators and the necessary regulatory considerations, and we have been working closely with the NRT team to create a seamless integration. The result is very exciting, and we are certain the gaming industry will be impressed with the results of our efforts to date.”

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