EMVCo and NFC Forum to simplify NFC device testing

Chip and pin standards body EMVCo and the NFC Forum have agreed to work together to optimise the development and testing process for NFC devices.

EMVCo and the NFC Forum

“The goal of the collaboration is to establish a framework to synchronise NFC Forum and EMVCo specifications, test plans, test tools, laboratory accreditations and the management of contactless product certification,” the organisations say. “The framework will ultimately streamline the development and testing process of contactless technology for vendors.

“Activity will focus on Level 1 functionality, which covers the contactless communication protocol. Initial efforts will centre on outlining the scope of work and the specifications to be covered. These efforts will be followed by a gap analysis to identify and examine specification differences, agree on specification updates where necessary and how agreed amendments will be collectively managed.”

“To enable contactless to reach its full potential and facilitate the delivery of secure payment solutions, we need to create an efficient testing and certification framework that allows products to be swiftly brought to market,” says Joe Cunningham, chair of the EMVCo executive committee. “Alignment between industry bodies is therefore essential to ensure we apply specialist knowledge and a cohesive approach to the creation of this very innovative ecosystem. EMVCo recognises the importance of our work with the NFC Forum and is committed to progressing activity as a priority.”

“At the NFC Forum, we want to make it fast and affordable for organisations to build and deploy EMV-based NFC solutions,” adds Forum chairman Koichi Tagawa. “By working closely with EMVCo, we’re able to better support vendors while furthering our commitment to global interoperability.”

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