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Pulse introduces NFC antenna with 4cm read range

The new ferrite sheet antenna for NFC phones meets EMVCo’s requirements for a 40mm read range, the component maker says, and can be customized to meet handset manufacturers’ individual requirements.

New NFC antenna from Pulse Electronics
40MM RANGE: Pulse’s new NFC antenna

Electronic components supplier Pulse Electronics has introduced an NFC antenna for mobile phones that provides a read distance of up to 40mm.

The planar ferrite sheet-based antenna measures 35mm by 50mm with a minimum thickness of 0.30mm, including the ferrite/adhesive/antenna flex layers, and can be customized to meet handset makers’ size requirements.

“The magnetic field strength can be optimised by the type and thickness of the ferrite material and the design of the radiator pattern,” says Pulse.

“The antenna sends and receives clear signals even when installed in a handset in close proximity to the battery or metal housing,” the company adds.

“In order to achieve the EMVCo target reading distance of 40mm it requires optimisation between the mechanics and antenna,” says Pulse’s Maritta Timosaari. “Pulse customises its NFC antennas, matching the circuit values for the device, so tuning is all that is needed to integrate it.”

The new NFC antenna is available in volume today.

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