Suppliers team up on NFC for cars

NFC software stack specialist Stollmann, automotive infotainment specialist Philips & Lite-On Digital Solutions (PLDS) and in-vehicle mobile communications specialist Funkwerk Dabendorf are to work together to integrate mobile phones with car information systems via NFC.

Funkwerk's Phonebox
PHONE BOX: Putting the driver's smartphone in a special dashboard tray couples it to the car

“It will be one of the biggest challenges for the future to enable people to easily handle the growing amount of functionalities of the smartphone in the car without intensive study of the manuals,” says Funkwerk’s Nico Borm. “Therefore, near field communication is crucial for the advancement of a system that covers the complete and future-proof integration of mobile phones in the vehicle.”

The partners’ new “all-round carefree package“ will allow NFC phones to be coupled with a vehicle’s head unit, so that information from the phone can be displayed to the driver on the main vehicle display, as well as including support for the Qi wireless charging standard.

“In the future, along with well-established mobile phone functions such as telephone book or text messages it will be possible to transmit personalised information about the driver such as radio station, seat and mirror pre-settings,” say the partners.

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